Hu2 - Wings series
I've been contacted by Hu2 to create a new series of laser cut wood signs.
In that period I was actually exploring laser cutting by myself (of course, on a smaller scale),  so it was a perfect match.

I decided to design birds to enhance the concept of lightness.
The signs are slightly detached from the wall so, in some way, they are flying / floating.
After a few sketches I decided for cranes, eagle and albatross.

It was the first time for me with "serious" laser cut machines.
So... the test phase took many hours, reworks, meters and meters of laser cutting, research and developement, reworks, unexpected problems and brilliant solutions
and some more and more reworks.
But also many laughs, fun, sushi and many beers...

Maison & Objet
But in the end, we made it!
And the artworks have been shown at maison & objet 2018, in Paris.
Thank you so much James, Ebba, Tiina, Josh and the whole team.

Everything you see here, from the process to the materials, is sustainable.
For those who are interested, these wall signs are available on


these are quite final sketches just before start designing
al lot of research to reach the final design. All the pieces are locked together by magnets
Maison & Objet 2019
stand and final prototypes


Thank you
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