PETA goes PURPLE 2014. T-shirt Design Contest.

The story behind the Project.
They say ‘you do what you can’. Well, we do creative and we do tees. In this spirit we are super excited about the PETA Tee Design Contest 2014 themed ‘Respect All Animals’ and specifically – to share the key visual of the contest with you, which is a true inspirational treat.
The contest is a collaboration with PETA, i.e. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the largest non-profit animal rights organization in the world, with more than 3 million members and supporters.
The idea was to take this year’s PETA contest to the next level and enthuse even more creatives for the cause while focusing on the design aspect of it all more intensely by recruiting a promising up-and-coming artist to exclusively design the key visual and thus, the face of the contest. Well, let’s put it this way - we got extremely lucky.

Allow us to introduce you to Milan-based designer Andrea Minini.

While looking for inspirational artwork featuring animals we found Andrea’s ‘Animals in Moiré’ series of black and white vector illustration on Behance.

After explaining the project to him, he immediately agreed to design the cover artwork for the contest and consequently donating his time, imagination, and skills to the cause.

And we must admit that neither PETA nor we could have been any more excited about the result. Working with negative space and moiré pattern, Andrea is truly playing with our imagination while creating a powerful optical illusion, which – once discovered - perfectly blends into the copy and the theme itself. We hope his dedication and imagination inspire and motivate you to let your creative juices flowing and

submit your design on until June, 18.
While all profits earned from sales of the winner-shirts will be donated to PETA, the highest scored designs will still win a juicy prize.
Also we are pretty thrilled to have the support of two of our all-time favorites: award winning illustrative designer Steve Simpson & digital artist Bram Vanhaeren, who also support the contest by serving as judges to the contest.
For more info & inspiration stayed tuned and visit
artwork by andrea minini
artwork by andrea minini
artwork by andrea minini
peta meets purple leaves
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