Gusto Robusto signs a partnership with Cromoglass to print vectorial art on glass in huge dimension or for limited edition furniture design. 
Here below the temporary exhibition made during the evento "In the mood for glass", April 27th 2016.
Wuo'll see some examples of application: an idea of architecture installation with "Between worlds" by Maria Grønlund, an interior backlight wall made with "Stay Humble Rock Hard" By Fabio Marangoni, and a LED table decorated with "Pavone nero" by Andrea Minini (designed by Architect Marco De Luca, Veneto Vetro, and realized thanks to Flexlite). 
An event curated by Manifactory.
"Pavone Nero" printed on a backlighted table designed by Architect Marco De Luca, printed by Veneto Vetro with Cromoglass Technology, and realized by Flexlite
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